Wastewater Treatment Systems Kildare

Installation, Servicing & Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Systems in Kildare

At Parker Environmental, we provide wastewater advice and services in county Kildare. If you require a new wastewater treatment system or a septic tank upgrade, we ensure that you choose the best wastewater management system for your site’s location. We offer expert advice on how your new treatment system should be installed.




Do you need a new Septic Tank?
Do you need a new Sewage Treatment System?
Do you need a site suitability report?
Does your sewage treatment system require maintenance or repair?
Is your percolation area or polishing filter not functioning correctly?

After a full assessment, we will advise you on the best solution for your needs, taking into consideration your budget and specific requirements.
Once the unit is installed and operational, we provide a commissioning report.
We provide service and maintenance contacts to ensure that your treatment unit functions optimally and efficiently.

Annual service and maintenance contracts are recommended to ensure that the treatment system is operating at peak efficiency.

Pollution of groundwater and waterways can often be traced back to a nearby property whose wastewater system has not been maintained properly.

Grants of 85% up to a maximum of €5,000 are available to fix septic tank systems that  fail inspections by a Local Authority under the National Inspection Plan and need remediation, repair, upgrading or replacement . The homeowner will receive an advisory notice form the local authority requiring this system to be fixed. The homeowner may then apply to the Kildare Local Authority for the grant.

Case Study in Kildare

The percolation area serving this domestic dwelling required an upgrade. To comply with EPA code of practice 7 X 10 metre percolation trenches were installed to EPA guidelines.

Kildare sewage systems
Kildare sewage problem
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