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Trical Vento Septic Tank

Tricel Vento septic tanks are manufactured from high density polyethylene using the latest in blow moulding technology.

This market leading product is extremely durable with a much sought-after combination of high strength and low weight characteristics. These attributes ensure an ease of installation that make it ideally suited for all types of septic tank requirements.


How a Tricel Vento works

Wastewater flows by gravity into the unit, where the solids and heavier material settle to the base of the unit. A small amount of anaerobic breakdown occurs at this stage.

A layer of scum forms at the top of the liquid and an outlet pipe fitted to the unit ensures that only the liquid element flows into the percolation area. This specially designed dip pipe prevents the scum from passing into the percolation area which may result in blocked pipes.

Final improvement of the wastewater occurs as it penetrates through the specially designed percolation area.



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Key features & benefits

All Tricel Vento septic tanks are tested to the highest quality standards and are EU Certified to EN12566-1.

Value for money. Expertly designed, the       Tricel Vento is extremely durable and long lasting for effective and efficient treatment of wastewater at a highly competitive price.

The Tricel Vento is made from a high density and lightweight material called polyethylene reducing  the cost  of transportation and installation.

Once on site, the Vento is extremely easy to manoeuvre making it ideal for restricted and compact sites. Most tanks, depending on site conditions, are installed without concrete. A Tricel Vento is suitable for gravel backfill in dry sites.

This is a low-profile tank/shallow dig tank and requires only a small excavation for installation saving you money and keeping the disruption in your garden to a minimum. A tank suitable for population equivalent (PE) of six is only 1440mm high.

The Tricel Vento comes complete with an integrated outlet filter system for increased solids removal and soakaway protection, extending the life of the soakaway.


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